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  1. How long has Rafiki been in the market?

Rafiki has been producing roofing sheets for the Kenyan market since 2014. Rafiki however is part of City Engineering World Ltd. which has been proudly manufacturing high quality galvanized products for Kenya Power Lighting and the Rural Electrification Authority of Kenya since 1971.

  1. What makes Rafiki different from other roofing suppliers?

Building long lasting relationships and customer satisfaction is our goal. In order to do this, we absolutely value integrity and make sure our actions reflect this. Here at Rafiki, we only promise what we know we truly can deliver and we always deliver what we promise!

  1. Where are you located?

Our main factory and showroom is located off Busia Road along Enterprise Road in Industrial Area, Nairobi. You’re welcome to visit our showroom. Our products are also available at distributors located throughout the country.

  1. What does gauge mean?

Gauge (G) is a measure of how thick the roofing sheet is. We offer 30G (0.25mm), 28G (0.32mm) and 26G (0.4mm) sheets.  Contact (contact = link to our contact options) our sales team to learn more about which gauge is suitable for your building project.

  1. What length of roofing sheets do you provide?

Our standard lengths are 2m, 2.5m and 3m. We do also provide custom lengths at no extra cost.

  1. What colours do you offer?

Available colours include blue, green, charcoal grey, brick red, maroon, tile red, ruby red, sky blue and grey white (click here to learn more)

  1. How do Rafiki roofing products help save me money?

Rafiki offers innovative roofing profiles with the widest cover widths available in the market. Wider sheets means you don’t have to buy as many to cover your roof. Rafiki products are also high quality which lowers your long run costs as you don’t have to repaint/replace them as often. Click here to learn more about your roofing profiles.

  1. Can you help me calculate how many Roofing sheets I need?

Yes. Our easy to use Roofing Calculator (click here) can give you a good approximation of how many sheets you will need.  Once you have confirmed your order with us and placed a deposit, we can provide an accurate calculation using our state of the art software.

  1. Why should I care about getting an accurate roofing calculation?

Having an accurate measurement of your roofing requirements means you won’t get as much waste when roofing your home. This means you can buy fewer sheets and save money on your building project.

10.Do you deliver?

Yes, we offer FREE delivery nationwide. Please allow 3-10 working days for delivery.

11.Do you sell second quality material?

At Rafiki we provide the highest quality goods. Some material however fails our strict quality standards during production and are available as second quality material. These can be bought at a discount compared to our prime material. Enquire here (link to enquiry form) to learn more.

12.How/where can I make an enquiry?

You can purchase Rafiki products from your nearest Rafiki distributor (click here to find your nearest distributor)

Alternatively, you can purchase directly from Rafiki using the following methods:

Call us on the following numbers:

Send an email to ….

Or submit an enquiry through this simple form (attach link)


13.Can I pay for my purchase in installments?

Yes, you can make payments in installments. Please contact us here (link to contact page) for more information on a custom payment plan.


14.Do your coloured products fade over time?

Our mabati sheets are made using the latest paint system technology that maintains its original color for a considerable long period. We offer a 5-year product guarantee (Warranty) on fading and peeling of color.

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