You read right, roofing mabati sheets carry some striking or unusual facts, depending on your idea of what unusual is. Banter aside, it’s interesting to note some of the advantages that they have to offer!

1. Wrinkle -finish mabati

A question that you’ve probably asked yourself before is “Is that mabati, clay tile or decra?” Wrinkle-finished mabati sheets as seen here bear a strong resemblance to decra or clay tiles except, they’re none of the above! It’s fascinating to see what high quality mabati sheets layered with the perfect wrinkle coating can do to your roof, at a fraction of the price. Once installed, most people looking at your roof will not be able to tell that it’s metal.

2. Longevity

Although we provide a five-year quality guarantee on our mabati, the predicted life expectancy of a steel or aluminum roof is at least 40-60 years on the actual sheets and not the colour, some sheets lasting a lot longer. This means that you only incur a one-time cost when buying mabati sheets and to add onto that, termites are highly unlikely to snack on them, enhancing your roof’s durability.

3. Going green with mabati

Mabati sheets are truly one of the only green materials in the roofing industry, because they use the least amount of resources during the manufacturing process and don’t contain petroleum by-products. They can also be recycled and sold as rejects, meaning they are safe for the environment and Mother Nature approves this message!