What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “mabati sheets”? We bet they’re seen as something to use for roofing, fencing or building a shed, but what if you took a creative approach with your mabati?

Creative activities are beneficial and sometimes undervalued because at first, the results are only seen at face value but if turned into a habit, they develop your self-awareness, mindfulness and intrinsic motivation. These three benefits of creative activities are major components of leading a healthy and balanced life!

Here are some wild ideas that were brought to life by creative home owners:

Convert a plain wooden bed into a multitextured one by incorporating metal accents into it, for instance by using mabati on the headboard. You can cut the mabati into whatever shape you like.

Décor isn’t a reserve for interior decoration as it can also be displayed outside the house.  Put your creative abilities to task by using mabati to fence your compound. Mix mabati and wood for pleasant results and add a few drought-resistant plants to spruce things up!

If you long for life outside the city, adding one or two reminders of the farm life might help just a little. Create your desired animal shapes with plain or coloured corrugated mabati sheets, available in green, sky blue, tile red, chocolate and charcoal grey colours.

“Find three hobbies you love. One to keep you creative, one to make you money and one to keep you in shape.” Someone once said.

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