You might have come across the term ‘gauge’ when shopping for mabati and perhaps it’s time we broke it down further for you! Simply put, gauge is a measurement that indicates the thickness of a mabati sheet and as the gauge number increases, the material’s thickness decreases. It is measured in inches or millimeters and it’s up to you to choose what size to use for your building projects. It is a free world after all, but it’s harmless to point out that the lower the gauge size, the more likely you are to enjoy the benefits of durable mabati sheets.

26 gauge mabati has a thickness of 0.4 mm while 28 gauge has a thickness of 0.3 mm and 30 gauge a thickness of 0.25 mm. Although minor, these differences make a notable impact in your mabati installation process.

Thicker sheets like 26 gauge and 28 gauge are easier to install because the fundi can walk over them and maneuver them without causing dents, making the mabati less prone to damage.  This also protects the mabati from environmental elements such as strong winds and they last longer too. A heavier gauge size promises a sharper product, so buckle up for a building journey that will bring you nothing but satisfaction.

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